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The Canada Revenue Agency’s core objective is critical in supporting the economic and social development of Canadians. Most Canadians’ are proud to pay their fair share of tax, often holding it, albeit internally, as a badge of honor, understanding that their contribution is necessary for a fair and just Canada. When the Canada Revenue Agency administers its lawful enforcement of various tax acts, it is important they conduct activities within a manner which respects Canadians and their ongoing contributions to a prosperous Canada. If you require representation in the collection process or trust account examinations (payroll, GST/HST audits), and more, please call!


With today’s technology you can reach us in a variety of ways. Whether you want to fax, email, scan a PDF or send a photo of your documents, we can prepare your tax return. Copies of your tax return(s) will be emailed to you, unless you require a hard copy.

For businesses using Quickbooks software, you can send us a backup copy, a portable file or an accountant’s export copy of your file through email or Dropbox. We are Quickbooks Pro Advisors.


With authorizing a representative on-line access, a CRA feature, we can retrieve your tax information automatically. This includes Assessments, Reassessments, Notice of Assessments, Income Slips (T4's, T5's, etc.) and much more.

Efile T1, T2 Returns



We accept ETF's, cheques, or cash. All terms are due on receipt. Prepayment is required for virtual personal tax services.

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